Dental Exams and Professional Cleanings

Dental Hygiene and Preventive Care in Warner Robins

Pediatric Dental Cleanings in Warner Robins GAThe first interaction that your child will likely have with our office is an exam and cleaning. You might hear other dental offices refer to a cleaning appointment as “routine”. At Warner Robins Pediatric Dentistry, we want to make your visit anything but routine. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, caring and fun environment for your child while providing the highest quality care.

While every plan is unique, most exams and cleaning visits include some basic services. Our first step is to get your child comfortable in the office. Typically we will show your child around the office and get them familiar with things like the chair, mirror and our toothbrush. During the exam, we will look at your child’s oral hygiene, risk of getting cavities, dental development, facial development, oral health and screen for oral cancer. Cleaning your child’s teeth will remove any build up or staining while also polishing the teeth. Dr. Brandon and the rest of the staff will use this as a time to provide tips to help you clean your child’s teeth at home. If needed, the next step will be to take x-rays of the teeth. This is a very important step in the determining if there are any cavities that cannot be seen with our eyes during the exam. After all of this is complete, Dr. Brandon will sit down and talk with you about the x-rays and what he has seen during the exam. If any additional treatment needs to be completed, the options will be discussed and together we will come up with a plan on the best way to take care of your kids.