Tooth Colored Fillings and Crowns

White Fillings and Dental Crowns for Children in Warner Robins

A child patient having fun at our Warner Robins pediatric dental officeDespite all of our best efforts cavities still happen. Our number one goal is to prevent cavities but when they do occur we are prepared to fix them. When determining the best way to care for your child we are going to consider many factors including their age, cavity size, ability to cooperate, dental development, risk for getting cavities, any health issues, dental history and the parent’s wishes. When taking all those factors into account we generally have several options to fix your child’s teeth. Those options include tooth colored fillings, white crowns, silver crowns and sometimes the best option can even be no treatment at all. When Dr. Brandon completes your child’s exam he will sit down and show you what needs to be fixed and go over the options of how to fix it. Together a decision will be reached on what is the best option for your child.