First Visit

What to Expect at Your First Visit

Child patient at Warner Robins GA pediatric dental officeThe first dental visit can be a little nerve racking for the child and the parent. You are coming to a new environment with past experiences that may not always be positive, or your child has never been to the dentist before. We understand that this can be a stressful visit, but we will make every effort to make you and your child feel as comfortable and secure as possible. We will not promise that there won’t be a few tears. It is fairly common especially in our younger patients and usually the tears dry up pretty quick when it is time to pick out a sticker and a prize. What we do promise is to build a foundation that will provide a lifetime of healthy smiles and provide a positive experience. Generally, after the first visit most children are excited to come back and see us again.

If your child is old enough you should explain they are going to the dentist office to get their teeth cleaned. Your child will look to you for how to react. If you are calm and relaxed then they will be more calm and relaxed. If you are very nervous, then they will be more nervous. Try to relax and refrain from using any scary words for the child.

The first dental visit usually includes a dental cleaning, oral pathology screening, intra-oral exam, orthodontic exam. Depending on a child’s age and need, it could also include x rays of the teeth. If your child has additional needs, we will also discuss what can be done and what is the best way accomplish it. No matter why your child visits our office we will come up with a planned tailored to their needs.