Our Pediatric Dental Office in Warner Robins GA

Welcome to Warner Robins Pediatric Dentistry! We offer high-quality dental care for children and teenagers. Our office features a child-friendly environment including activities for kids in the waiting room and TVs above every chair. Call us at (478) 449-4200 to schedule an appointment for your child today!

Why Warner Robins Pediatric Dentistry?

At WRPD our goal is provide you with a positive experience that sets your child up for a lifetime of good oral health. How we plan on doing this depends on your child and their needs. Every child is different, so we believe in making individualized plan for each child. We also know that for some people coming to the dentist can be difficult.  We aim to provide a positive experience from the moment you first contact our office to the moment you walk out the door.

Why a Pediatric Dentist?

First, Dr. Pennington has completed additional training after dental school to specialize in pediatric dentistry. That training allowed him to learn the techniques and skills to provide the best experience possible for your child. Second, at WRPD we have created an environment that is designed to provide the best experience possible for children. Finally, it is what we do all day everyday. This does not mean that non-pediatric dentists can’t take care of your child. It just means pediatric dentists are well equipped to meet all of the needs that your child might have.

What is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist?

Dr. Pennington first completed a four-year undergraduate degree, then four years of dental school followed by another two years of residency in pediatrics. Those ten years of education allows him to call himself a pediatric dentist. On top of all of that, Dr. Brandon completed a written and oral examination from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry over a two-year period to become board certified. According to the ABPD “Involvement in the certification process is a demonstration of the pediatric dentist’s pursuit of continued proficiency and excellence.” This does not mean that a non-board certified pediatric dentist cannot do a fantastic job taking care of your child. It was a difficult distinction to obtain and Dr. Pennington is proud to have earned it, so he is just bragging on himself a little bit.

What Dentist Will My Child See When They Come to the Office?

Dr. Pennington is the only dentist and owner of WRPD. When your child comes into the office they will have the advantage of seeing the same doctor for every visit. We believe this benefits the child’s dental care and also allows for a strong relationship to form between the dentist and the child.

Am I Allowed Back With My Child?

Absolutely. Our first priority is to take care of your child. Our second priority is to make you as comfortable as possible while we take care of your child. If you feel like being included in your child’s treatment accomplishes those two goals, then we encourage you to participate. With that being said, every child’s treatment plan is individualized. Some do better with the parents present and some do better with the parents outside the room. Whatever method is best for your child, you will be in control of making that decision.

What Age Should My Child Visit the Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that the first dental visit should occur by one year of age or within 6 months of the first tooth erupting. We believe that is the best way to provide a great experience for your child is to establish a “Dental Home” from an early age. This allows for us to provide a comprehensive and conservative approach to your child’s care.