Sedation and Hospital Dentistry

Dental Sedation for Children in Warner Robins

Sedation Dentistry for Children Warner Robins GAComing to the dentist office can be tough for a kid and at Warner Robins Pediatric Dentistry we understand that. Our goal is to make your child’s visit as easy as possible. To make your child as comfortable as possible we offer several different sedation options.

Laughing Gas or Nitrous Oxide

Laughing gas is the most common form of sedation we offer in our office. It is available for almost all patients who are receiving fillings, crowns or extractions. We deliver the laughing gas through a small and comfortable piece that sits on your child’s nose. Your child will then breathe in the gas during the procedure allowing them to relax while we take care of all of the dental work. After the procedure is over we have your child breathe oxygen until the laughing gas is completely out of their system. Laughing gas is not necessary for every child, but can be very helpful in making a lot of our kids comfortable.

In Office Sedation and Hospital Dentistry

At Warner Robins Pediatric Dentistry we understand that there are times where a child needs a lot of dental work and for whatever reason they are unable to cooperate for treatment. Dr. Brandon will make every effort to complete treatment without sedation, but sometimes that is not an option. We have several options that allow us to fix your kid’s teeth in a safe and non-traumatizing way. If Dr. Brandon believes it is an option, he will discuss it with you during that appointment.