Preventative Dentistry and Silver Diamine Fluoride

Preventive Dental Care with SDF in Warner Robins GA

Little girl waiting for her dental exam at our Warner Robins pediatric dental officeOur number one priority at Warner Robins Pediatric Dentistry is not to fix your kid’s teeth. We would much rather prevent any possible problems. Our goal is for every child to be happy and healthy. The easiest way to do this is to address problems before they occur and that starts from your child’s first visit. The staff and Dr. Brandon will look for any possible future issues and provide guidance on how to avoid problems. We also have a variety of methods to help prevent cavities including topical fluoride varnish, sealants and professional cleanings.

You might have heard about something called Silver Diamine Fluoride either in the news or from one of your friends. Silver Diamine Fluoride is a liquid that can be applied to teeth with cavities. The goal of applying it is to prevent the cavity from getting bigger. It is a fantastic option for helping to control the spread of cavities. It is not the final treatment for a tooth but can allow the dentist to delay treatment until a later time. The only downside of this treatment is that it stains the cavity black. Dr. Pennington will discuss the treatment with you and help you determine if it would be the best option for your child. When appropriate, Silver Diamine Fluoride can be a great tool to help take care of your child.